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Voice Splicer Plugin (PC)

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  • Releasedatum 28.03.2014
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The Voice Splicer plug-in will allow you to morph multiple voices in a single audio file.

Are you looking to easily add multiple voices to a single recording? With the MorphVOX Pro Voice Splicer plug-in you can quickly produce a drama with multiple characters from just a single audio file and single voice actor.

Click here to watch the demo of the software: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oQlhH1kqe5I

Assign as many MorphVOX Pro voices as you like to a single audio track using the simple track-view interface.

This easy-to-use graphical tool makes syncing the voices with the audio track a snap. You can also playback the audio through your speakers to hear how your applied morphing sounds.

Export your audio track with new characters voices.

The Voice Splicer can create WAVE (*.WAV), OggVorbis (*.OGG), and Windows Media Format (*.WMA) files of your multi-voice file. Import the final product into your favorite editor to complete your multimedia project.

The Voice Splicer plugin takes the work out of creating voice-overs. Try it with MorphVOX Pro to add fun to story creation and supercharge your productivity.
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