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The Loop Loft - Janek Gwizdala Fender Musicmaster Sessions (PC)

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After discovering an orhpaned Musicmaster bass in an NYC recording studio (left behind by famed indie rock producer, Jim O'Rourke), Janek Gwizdala fell in love with the "punchy, warm vibe" of this short scale, one-pickup bass released by Fender in the early 70's.

With a fresh set of nylon tapewound strings and an array of effects pedals (including the Moog CP-251, the Boss OC-2 and the Bassballs Nano), Janek brought his newly coveted bass to The Loop Loft studios to lay down his latest loop collection, "The Fender Musicmaster Sessions".

Utilizing the focused, earthy tone of the Musicmaster (along with some vintage Universal Audio preamps), Janek recorded 13 complete bass sessions, each containing up to 27 different loop and chord variations. With grooves ranging from slow soul, to tweaked out cinematic, to straight up indie rock, to deep in the pocket funk, The Fender Musicmaster Sessions is the largest and most eclectic bass loop series released to date.
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