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The Loop Loft - Eric Harland Looped Vol. 1 (PC)

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The world of drum loops has just been changed forever. Introducing Eric Harland - "Looped". A groundbreaking collection of loops and samples that intimately captures the Multi-Grammy nominated drummer’s innovative approach to rhythm. Harland is renowned for his performances and recordings with a diverse set of artists including McCoy Tyner, John Mayer, Zakir Hussain and Dave Holland.

Recorded over the course of 6 months, this collection features a vast range of styles and sounds, ranging from blistering jazz-fusion syncopation, solid backbeat funk, mind bending odd meters and some of Harland’s signature beats that defy the label of any existing genre.

Painstakingly hand-edited and offered in all major audio formats, as well as MIDI loops, Eric Harland “Looped” is designed to work seamlessly with any DAW on the market, including Pro Tools, GarageBand, Reason, Ableton Live and Logic. Just drag and drop the loops into your session and instantly have one of the most in-demand drummers in the world on your own tracks.

Ryan Gruss, Founder and CEO of The Loop Loft adds, “I haven’t been this inspired and excited about a collection of drum loops. Ever. Eric Harland is one of the most talented drummers on the planet, and his playing truly shines in this release. The bar for drum loops has just been raised.”
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