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Sniper Elite 3 - Patriot Weapons Pack (PC)

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  • Release Date Jul 17, 2014
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The Sniper Elite 3 Patriot Weapons Pack includes three all-American favourites - including a weapon never seen in the series before – which can be used across all multiplayer, singleplayer and co-operative game modes.

This DLC pack includes:

  • Springfield M1903 rifle: a classic American rifle with solid all round performance but with a higher bullet velocity.
  • M1911 pistol: Standard issue for the American Army and Special Forces alike, this semi-automatic pistol has a high rate of fire and extended range.
  • M3 “Grease Gun”: this submachine gun offers the most accurate sidearm for medium range combat – perfect for rescuing a sticky situation.
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$47.12 $72.49