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Secret of the Magic Crystals - The Race (PC)

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  • Release Date Jun 12, 2014
  • Plattform PC
  • Version Global / RU VPN Version

Dieses Produkt ist eine Erweiterung

Das Produkt "Secret of the Magic Crystals - The Race (PC)" ist eine Erweiterung für das Hauptspiel der Reihe. Ohne das Hauptspiel kann es nicht benutzt werden.
The Secret of the Magic Crystals: The Race is a multiplayer expansion for the original game which allows to race with your favourite horse against players around the world or the computer.

Main features:
  • Cross-platform multiplayer agains players around the world (OSX/Win/Linux - mobile coming soon)
  • Three different tracks
  • Unlock 9 new Achievements
  • Jump over Obstacles
  • Ride your horse(s) from the main game
  • Six special power-ups will help you to win
  • Easy controls

  • Seaside Circle
  • Octet Road
  • Crystal Mountain

  • Magical Crystals
  • Pegasus Wings
  • Burning Horseshoes
  • Bucket
  • Healing Herb
  • Lucky Clover
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38,99 € 59,99 €