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RPG Maker: High Fantasy: The Deep (PC)

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  • Releasedatum 13.12.2013
  • Plattform PC
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Dieses Produkt ist eine Erweiterung

Das Produkt "RPG Maker: High Fantasy: The Deep (PC)" ist eine Erweiterung für das Hauptspiel der Reihe. Ohne das Hauptspiel kann es nicht benutzt werden.
These additional resources will open up even more options for your story-telling and are fully compatible with the High Fantasy Resource Bundle. Just add the resources to your game-making engine and you are ready to go!

The focus of The Deep expansion pack is on Dwarves and Orcs. This expansion supplies a number of Dwarves, including female Dwarves and soldiers. There are a variety of Orcs as well, from the lowly peon to the Stone, Flame, and Frost tribes.

This pack contains:
  • 80 Battlers (40 front-view, 40 side-view)
  • 64 Dwarf and Orc Character Sprite Sheets!
  • 40 Faces (5 full sets!)
  • 3 Tile sheets to add on to the High Fantasy Resource Bundle
  • 5 Additional Battle Backgrounds
  • Bonus script for RPG Maker VX Ace!
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