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RPG Maker: Dungeons and Volcanoes Tile Pack (PC)

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  • Releasedatum 16.09.2014
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What's an adventure without some hidden places to explore?

Dungeons & Volcanoes Tile Pack contains the basics you'll need to create a cave to explore, an inside of a volcano and a dungeon store room. Whether you're looking to building winding passages or simple open rooms, this pack includes details and personal touches that will make each map stand out.

For more resource packs in this art style, check out the Royal Tilesets pack.

This pack contains:
  • Autotiles and tileset pieces for three distinct areas: Purple cave, volcano inside and a store room of a dungeon
  • Animated tile pieces, including a functioning furnace, torch, oil lamp and lava
  • Decorative tile details including a golden cannon, statue, well and armor racks
  • Royalty-free resources for use in commercial and non-commercial RPG Maker projects.
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