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Railworks Colton and Northern DLC (PC)

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Richard Garber of All Aboard has raised the bar once again with his second excellent and immersive American route for RailWorks. This time set against the back drop of two completely disconnected towns coming together over the formation of a railroad to extract newly discovered raw materials from the area.

Colton and Northern comes with over 20 scenarios, once again showcasing a real mix of tasks and settings.

Key Features

  • More than 20 miles of operational railroad
  • 30 mixed industries for shunting interaction
  • Demo versions of 3D Trains Foliage & Road Packs

21 Scenarios

  • Colton Shops - 3 coal cars are repaired and ready to be set out
  • Colton Yard Parts Assignment - Deliver repair parts within Colton RailRoad Yard
  • Colton Granary Delivery - Take the 7 grain cars in the Colton RR Yard to Colton Grain. Observe branch line speeds
  • Colton Granary Pick - Ten grain cars are needed to be picked up from Colton Grain. Bring the grain cars back to the Auxiliary track
  • Colton Foundary Delivery - From the coal processing plant, Eagles Nest, 12 coal cars were delivered to be taken to the Colton Foundry.
  • Working the Colton Textile Mill - The Colton Textile Mill has a short delivery to be made.
  • Shiloh Cement Delivery - Shiloh Cement is running low on coal. Taking 3 coal hoppers to Shiloh Cement is your assignment. You're already coupled to the coal cars so get going. Mainline track speed is 40mph, observe signals.
  • Shiloh Cement Delivery Return - Bring back to Colton RR Yard the 5 empty coal hoppers from Shiloh Cement. Mainline track speed is 40 mph, observe signals.
  • Delivery to Shiloh Cemement No.2 part a - 14 covered hoppers are waiting on the Colton Yard auxiliary track. Couple to them and run them up to Shiloh Cement. Mainline speed is 40 mph. Observe signals.
  • Delivery to Shiloh Cemement No.2 part b - 14 covered hoppers are returning to Colton Yard with you. Track speed is 40 mph, observe signals.
  • Dugan County Granary Drop Off - Part of your run to Tucker includes a Dugan County Granary drop-off of 6 covered hoppers. You’re presently stopped on the mainline at Dugan County before uncoupling the 6 grain cars from the train. Do the drop-off and then couple to the train
  • Tucker Auto-Fab Drop Off - Your train is stopped at Tucker Staging en route to Westin to do a single drop-off at Tucker Auto-Fab. This is a little challenging because the boxcar to be dropped off is in the middle of your train.
  • Coal Thirsty Pine Bluff - Your train is momentarily stopped before the Pine Top junction awaiting permission to enter the Pine Top area before you head on to Pine Bluff Coal Mine. Observe mainline and branch line speeds (40/20 mph respectively).
  • Limestone Delivery to Pine Top
  • Pine Area Deliveries - Your train is momentarily stopped at Pine Bluff staging to make two deliveries. 4 empty coal and limestone hoppers are to be delivered to Pine Bluff Coal Mine and Pine Top Limestone.
  • Penn Heights Delivery/Pickup - Replace the 2 boxcars at Penn Height’s Hawkins with 2 boxcars you’ve brought up from Colton. 20 mph branch line speed. Observe signals.
  • Coal Pick up from Eagles Nest -Your engine is stopped waiting for permission to proceed, just south of Eagles Nest. You’re assignment for this run is to pickup 8 coal hoppers from Eagles Nest and take your train to Westin Yard. When the scenario begins, that is your permission to proceed. Observe signals and mainline speed (40 mph). Yard speed is 15 mph.
  • Coal Run Pine Bluff to Westin - Arriving at Pine Bluff Coal Mine from Westin you are facing the wrong way for the return trip to Westin. Use the turntable at Pine Bluff to turn your engine around. Then take the 8 coal cars on track #1 and deliver them to Westin Aux at Westin Yard.
  • Westin Coal Foundry Delivery - Westin Foundry is asking for 8 more coal cars to be delivered to their site. That's your job, so off to it!
  • Westin Bluffs Coal Pick up - Westin Bluff is situated in the hills just beyond Westin. Take the Westin branch to Westin Bluff Coal Mine. Bring back the 8 coal hoppers ready for transport.
  • Take the Train to Westin - 40 freight cars have been assembled and are bound for Westin. Observe track speed (40) mph and signals.
  • Grain Delivery to Colton - A grain train moved in partly from north of Westin and local granaries has accumulated enough empties to be moved to a regional classification yard south of Colton. The next stop for these grain hoppers as part of that move is Colton.
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