Railroad X : Modelset 1 - Railstation, Houses, Barn (PC) kaufen

Railroad X : Modelset 1 - Railstation, Houses, Barn (PC)

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MODELSET 1 for Railroad X

This MODELSET contains 63 individual models consisting of a railway station, houses, townhouses and barns.

Railway station Marsberg lies on the line-Kassel Hagen. Due to its small-town character of the reception building offers numerous possibilities for use in Railroad X layouts. The included models are kept broadly neutral to use them in previous eras.

Houses models have their role models in the area of the Rhine. They are designed so that they can be put together seamlessly. Therefore, the gutters also include exactly from the side walls.

Townhouses models are illuminated at night, chimney smoke can be turned on. In models of half-timbered house the doors can open and close.

The barns model set contains barns which have been converted into residential buildings (in 4 colors) and a barn in its original condition. Thus, both individual farms and rural settlements can be replicated.
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