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Ragnarok - Welcome to Ragnarok Care Package (PC)

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  • Releasedatum 10.12.2013
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Welcome to Ragnarok Care Package

In the world of Rune Midgards, the Kafra Company is the one stop shop for storage, teleportation and adventuring supplies. For new players joining from Steam, they are offering this special Welcome to Ragnarok Care Package. This one-time purchasable box comes with useful equipment and consumables for getting started in Ragnarok Online!

Only available on Chaos Renewal

Each package includes:

  • Rideword Hat-Special headgear which restores life and health when dealing damage to monsters.
  • Chick Hat-This allows the use of the double attack skill as well as reducing damage from certain monsters.
  • Observer-When worn this monocular headgear allows players to use the skill Sense.
  • Immune Shield Box-Contains a very strong shield.
  • 4x All in one Ring Box-a rental ring that raises your attributes.
  • Shoes[1]-A pair of shoes which can be carded with one of the monster dropped cards in the game.
  • Muffler[1]-A garment which be carded with one of the monster dropped cards in the game.
  • Mantle[1]-A armor which can be worn by every class which can be carded as well.
  • Poring Fedora Hat

  • Heavy Lifter Box- contains coupons which can be taken to a NPC in the Eden Group to increase the max amount of weight you can carry.
  • 10 x Battle Manual-When used, this item boosts the amount of EXP you earn.
  • 10 x Bubble Gum-When used, this item boosts the amount of drops you receive.
  • Halter Lead-This item lasts for 30 days and lets you ride the speedy mount animals to get around quickly.
  • 5 x Wind Walk 10 Scroll Box- Each box contains 20 scrolls. When used, gives you +20% Walking Speed and +5 Flee
  • 2 x Kafra Card box- Each box contains 10 cards, which allow you to access your storage wherever you are.
  • 50x Red Envelopes-When used these give your character a small amount of zeny.
  • 10 x Yellow Butterfly Wing-Allows to instantaneous teleportation to the major cities of Ragnarok.
  • 6x Omni Clothing Dye-These can be taken to NPC Alora in the Eden Group to change the color of your character's clothing. The change applies even when you change classes!

Once you have purchased the box from the Steam Store, travel to the upper floor of the Eden Group Headquarters, which you can access by speaking to one of the White haired novice NPCs located in most major towns. The NPC Code the Redeemer will have the box for pickup when you speak to him.
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