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Ragnarok Online 2 - Santa Claus Essentials Pack (PC)

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  • Releasedatum 19.12.2013
  • Plattform PC
  • Version Global / RU VPN Version

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The Santa Claus Essentials Pack includes everything you need to celebrate the holiday season!

Package Contains:
  • 1ea Super Large Bag: The biggest bag available to hold all the presents you will receive and give out.
  • 1ea Santa outfit: Permanently celebrate the Holidays as everyone's favorite figure. Magically transforms for any gender and size. Comes with 2 Rune Hole slots.
  • 1ea Polar Bear Reins (30 Day): A 30 Day Polar Bear mount to get you around Midgard in Holiday Cheer. Comes with snowfall!

  • 30 Day VIP Package Santa Poring
    • Card Album (30 Day) For storing excess cards
    • 10EA Spinel: For restoring your gear or yourself back to full health even if you have already fainted
    • 10EA Pump It Up Hard Pill: Increase Haste, Hit, Vigor and Critical rate by 5% for 10 Minutes.
    • VIP Membership Furseal Card (30 Day)
      • +5 Str/Int/AGI/WIS/VIT
      • +10% HP/SP
      • +20% Movement Speed
      • Bonus Winner Points when completing instanced dungeons
      • Santa Poring Name Tag
  • 1EA 24 Hour Battle Manual Order: 24 hours of 20% Bonus EXP and Mastery Points from battles.
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