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Naviros Beginner pack (PC)

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Naviros Beginners pack

In the fantastical world of Dark Blood Online, multidimensional worlds called Queanas.
Each Queanas exist in pairs, two parallel worlds that must balance each other. The Naviros Beginners Pack is designed for new players to get a head start in game with helpful items such as experience booster, 20 slot bag, canvas chat and potions! There is even a bonus of 12 coins.

The package will be delivered to the inventory of the first character you log into after you make your purchase.

Pack Contents

x2 Book of Experience Amplification (60minutes) - Use this item to increase experience for certain time!
x1 Master’s Bag * 1 – Equip this special bag and get 20 additional slots for your inventory.
x100 Cash HP Potion * 100 – Experience an infinite HP with this potion!
x100 Cash MP Potion – Experience an infinite HP with this potion!
x12 Coins – Coins used for the revival of the dead.
x1 Premium Canvas Chat[30 Days] – Send fun messages to friends by Canvas Chat!

* Each Account can purchase this Package only once
* All the items are character bound (except of Coins / Premium Canvas Chat)
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