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MP3 Activator /for Music Creator 6 Touch (PC)

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  • Releasedatum 17.06.2014
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Your Cakewalk product includes a 30 day trial version of built in MP3 encoding. For unlimited integrated MP3 export in your product, you must purchase this Cakewalk MP3 activator.

Purchase of this product is not required to convert your files to MP3. This software integrated encoder is intended to improve file export workflow.

  • You need the STEAM version of SONAR or Music Creator to utilize this purchase.
  • Purchasing the MP3 Activator will unlock it for SONAR X3, Music Creator 6 Touch, and any future Cakewalk products that utilize the MP3 Activator.
  • This is an entirely optional download and 3rd party MP3 encoders can be configured via the External Audio Encoder Utility.
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