Magic 2014 Enter the Draconmancer Deck Key (PC) kaufen

Magic 2014 Enter the Draconmancer Deck Key (PC)

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  • Releasedatum 26.06.2013
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The Dracomancer’s fully unlocked “Enter the Dracomancer” deck. Become a powerful dracomancer and unleash the savagery of dragons on your foe! You have lived within your volcanic fortress learning how to summon the great beasts from hatchlings to hellkites. If there’s one thing you’ve learned, big creatures take lots of mana and being a dracomancer means you can ramp up all kinds of mana in a hurry. Take a few hits—it won’t matter because soon the skies over your enemy’s head will surge with draconic wrath. Additional content for Magic 2014.

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30,69 € 49,99 €