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Loopmasters - Total Science DnB Lab Test Vol. 1 (PC)

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Jason Greenhalgh and Paul Smith aka Total Science are back with another incredible set of Club Ready Drum & Bass sounds and samples with D&B Lab Test Vol.1

Constantly experimenting to find the ultimate Dynamic Soundscape capable of ripping through the fabric of Time and Space, Total Science don their safety specs and lab coats, load the sonic cannon with a fresh collection of Bad Ass Beats, Magical Melodies and Filthy Basslines aim it at Loopmasters and light the fuse!

Having recorded for labels such as Good Looking, Basement, Metalheadz, Digital, Reinforced, and True Playaz amongst many others, Total Science are a current act that have seen the story of Drum and Bass unfold around them, and they have contributed to its many chapters.

Their tunes are constantly supported around the world by the biggest name DJs and attract vocal support from the likes of Hype, Fabio, Goldie, and Zane Lowe. Total Science have focused their full attention on creating a huge collection of inspirational samples, sounds and beats for the modern DnB, Dubstep and Breaks producer who is looking for the future sound of Drum and Bass.

In detail producers should expect to find 7 Crunchy Drum Break Construction Kits, 17 Powerful Drum Loops, 27 Deep and Nasty Bass Loops, 35 Sparkling Music Loops, 31 Punchy Percussion Loops, 80 Drum Hits, 15 Booming Bass Hits, 22 Drum Fills, 37 SFX Shots and Builds, 21 Pad and String Shots, 152 Rex2 Files and 54 soft sampler patches
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