Leadwerks Game Engine: Indie Edition (PC/Steam Gift)

Leadwerks Game Engine: Indie Edition (PC/Steam Gift)

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Leadwerks Game Engine Indie Edition - PC - STEAM Download - 100% Uncut


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Leadwerks is the easiest way to make games that look amazing. With a rapid development pipeline, Lua script integration, plenty of learning materials, and a royalty-free license, Leadwerks is the perfect platform for your next project or your first game. Get started today making your own 3D games for Steam. 

Now with Steam Workshop support, you can choose from tons of free content to build games with, share your own 3D models, textures, and sounds, and even publish your game to Steam for other Leadwerks users to try with the built-in game player.


Key Features

Learn to Make Your Own Royalty-Free Games 
We provide tons of documentation and video tutorials walking you through the steps to build your own 3D games. Leadwerks is the perfect pathway to go from total noob to pro game developer. And when you do publish your commercial game, there's no royalties to pay, ever. 

Advanced Graphics 
Leadwerks brings AAA graphics to the masses, with hardware tessellation, geometry shaders, and a deferred renderer with up to 32x MSAA. Our renderer redefines realtime with image quality more like a cg render than real-time games of the past. The use of OpenGL 4.0 provides equivalent graphics to DirectX 11, with cross-platform support across operating systems, for future expansion. 

Built-in Level Design Tools 
Build game levels from scratch right in our editor with constructive solid geometry. Our tools make it easy to sketch out your design and bring your ideas to life. Anyone can build their own game worlds in Leadwerks, without having to be an expert artist. 

Integrated Lua Script Editor 
We integrated Lua right into Leadwerks because of its proven track records in hundreds of commercial games including Crysis, World of Warcraft, and Garry's Mod. Lua integrates seamlessly with native code for rapid prototyping and instant control. The built-in debugger lets you pause your game, step through code, and inspect every variable in the program in real-time. Lua is perfect for beginners, and the integrated Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler ensures your games will keep running fast as they grow. 

Visual Flowgraph for Advanced Game Mechanics 
Our unique visual flowgraph enables designers to set up game mechanics, build interactions, and design advanced scripted sequences, without touching a line of code. The flowgraph system integrates seamlessly with Lua script, allowing script programmers to expose their own functions and add new possibilities for gameplay. 

Royalty-Free License 
Your games you make are yours. Yours to play, yours to sell, yours to give away, and do as you please. You will never be charged royalties for any game you make in Leadwerks.


  • OpenGL 4.0 deferred renderer with uniform lighting model supports any number of lights, all casting soft dynamic shadows. 

  • Up to 32x hardware MSAA makes rendered images incredibly sharp and detailed. 

  • Full support for vertex, fragment, geometry, and tessellation shaders. 

  • Dynamic megatexture terrain provides fast rendering of terrains with many layers. 

  • Hierarchical hardware occlusion queries provides fast visibility testing. 

  • Hardware tessellation for dynamic real surface displacement on the GPU. 

  • Normal mapping with specular and cubemap reflections. 

  • Instanced rendering allows fast drawing of large volumes of objects. 

  • Hardware skinning provides fast skinned animation. 

  • Deferred transparency with multiple overlapping layers of shading. 

  • Real-time mesh modification. 

  • Trilinear and up to 16x anisotropic filtering. 

  • Blend and transition animation sequences. 

  • Extract animation sequences in the editor.


  • Automatic asset management reloads models and textures when they are modified from another application. 

  • Drag and drop import of FBX, DDS, BMP, JPG, PNG, TGA, and PSD files. 

  • Visual interface controls every aspect of the art pipeline. 

  • Constructive solid geometry modeling tools. 

  • Brush primitives include box, wedge, cylinder, sphere, arch, tube, and torus. 

  • Automatic UV mapping. 

  • Brush smooth groups. 

  • GPU-accelerated terrain editor makes sculpting silky smooth and fast. 

  • Built-in shader editor with instant visualization and error highlighting. 

  • Native user interface is used on each supported platform.


  • Built-in Lua script editor with debugger, code stepping, and syntax highlighting. 

  • Visual flowgraph lets you connect objects to control game interactions and set up scripted sequences. 

  • Launch your game and debug the Lua virtual machine as it runs. 

  • API design with an object-oriented command set lets you code any type of game. 

  • Entity scripts provide a per-object hook interface. 

  • Direct programming gives you control over your game's loop and program structure. 

  • Script variables are displayed in a visual interface and reloaded in real-time.


  • Navmesh pathfinding provides automatic AI navigation that works everywhere. 

  • Navigation paths are displayed in the editor in real-time as you build your game level. 

  • Character controller movement seamlessly integrated with physics and pathfinding systems. 

  • Set entities to automatically chase another object or navigate to a position.


  • Fast and accurate rigid body physics. 

  • Constraints including hinge, ball, and sliding joints. 

  • Joint actuators provide fast and stable motorized constraints for doors, robotic arms, and other motion. 

  • Automatic physics shape calculation. 

  • Generate physics shapes in the editor from models or brushes. 

  • Swept collision. 

  • Raycasting with lines or spheres.


  • Real-time particle editor with instant visualization. 

  • Emission volumes include box, sphere, cylinder, tube, and cone. 

  • Adjustable curve graph for alpha and scale. 

  • Particle animation sheets with adjustable frame counts and layout. 

  • Velocity-based rotation for directional particles like sparks.


  • 3D sound spatialization. 

  • Emit a sound from any entity. 

  • Automatic channel management frees up unneeded channels. 

  • Skip to any time in sound.

Enhanced for Steam

  • Automatically adds rendered images to your Steam screenshots library.




  • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 8.1 

  • Processor: 2.0 ghz dual core 

  • Memory: 2 GB RAM 

  • Graphics: OpenGL 4.0 / DirectX 11 capable graphics card or integrated graphics chip 

  • DirectX: Version 11 

  • Hard Drive: 2 GB available space




Wie erhalte ich die Software? Ganz einfach, über Steam.

Steam ist eine Spielercommunity auf der Sie sich diverse Spiele herunterladen und sich mit anderen Spielern austauschen können. Hier kann man die neuesten Spiele spielen (Beta-Versionen), Freunde suchen, beste Server suchen, automatische Updates erhalten, mit Freunden chatten (auch im Spiel) und vieles mehr...

a) Steam herunterladen: http://store.steampowered.com/about/?l=german

Auf der linken Seite befindet sich ein Button: "Steam Jetzt Installieren". Anklicken und es öffnet sich ein Popup, wo Sie den Download von Steam ausführen können.

b) Steam installieren: Doppelklick auf die heruntergeladene Datei: SteamInstall.msi

Folgen Sie den Anweisungen, während der Installation. Wichtig die Länderauswahl, hier legen Sie fest in welcher Sprache Steam ausgeführt werden soll (einfach das Feld vor der jeweiligen Länderauswahl anklicken). Steam wird installiert...

c) Steam Account einrichten

Nach erfolgter Installation öffnet sich ein Fenster, wo Sie sich einen "Neuen Account erstellen" oder "In Account einloggen" können.
Wenn Sie noch keinen Steam-Account haben, so klicken Sie bitte "Neuen Account erstellen" an.

Lesen Sie den Nutzungsvertrag durch und stimmen dann durch anklicken auf "Ich stimme zu" zu. Die Registrierung des Benutzeraccounts bei Steam ist kostenfrei!

Folgen Sie den weiteren Anleitungen (Erstellung von Accountname und Passwort).

Nach Erstellung Ihres Accountnames, des Passwortes und der Angabe einer gültigen Email verfügen Sie über einen Steam-Account. Das Programm ist als Tray-Icon aktiv und ist in der Regel rechts unten in der Symbol-/Taskleiste zu finden. Um auf Steam zuzugreifen, klicken Sie rechts auf das Icon.

d) Eine genaue Anleitung zur Aktivierung des Steam Geschenks erhalten Sie per Email!

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