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Killing Floor - Reggie the Rocker Character Pack (PC)

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Reggie the Rocker - his dreams of a come-back tour now ruined by the monsters from his own ruined brain, Reggie has taken to using guns on his hallucinations instead of running to rehab. So Reggie is running round the Zed-infested streets with the same fake cigarette hanging out of his mouth, continuously puffing fake nicotine!

Key Features:

Loud, abusive and barely understandable half the time, Reggie was once front man for Pissed Gods, an edgy rock band tagged as the next big thing on the 1979 London scene. Their first song, Bollock Smasher, broke Billboard records, but somehow over the next few years Reggie and his band faded into obscurity, unable to recapture the raw energy of their original masterpiece.

Today a one-hit wonder who's smoked, snorted, and drunk his way around half of Britain, Reggie still fervently believes he can reignite his faded career and revel in the kind of success an artist of his caliber so richly deserves.

Now London’s streets are jammed with Horzine-bred creatures straight from his worst nightmares (which makes booking gigs tricky at best), Reggie’s determined to do his bit to drive them out and, if he’s lucky, prove to the world he’s the hardest rocker that ever lived.
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