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Hall of Fame Pack (PC)

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  • Releasedatum 31.10.2013
  • Plattform PC
  • Version Global / RU VPN Version

Dieses Produkt ist eine Erweiterung

Das Produkt "Hall of Fame Pack (PC)" ist eine Erweiterung für das Hauptspiel der Reihe. Ohne das Hauptspiel kann es nicht benutzt werden.
You've played the game. You know you love it. Now join the Hall of Fame, and never miss out on anything else in the game... FOREVER. Unlock every champion, every weapon, and every costume! Get exclusive, early access to new Champions before they debut! And strike fear and jealousy in the hearts of your opponents with a custom avatar, hand-painted by Smashmuck's own Art Director, Allen White!


  • ALL Champions
  • ALL Weapons
  • 5000 SmashBucks
  • Kiz Premium Access
  • 2x XP Boost for 30 days
  • 2x ClobberCoin Boost for 30 days
  • Exclusive HALL OF FAMER Title
  • Custom Avatar
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