Hacker Evolution Duality: Hardcore Package Part 2 (PC) kaufen

Hacker Evolution Duality: Hardcore Package Part 2 (PC)

  • PC
  • exosyphen studios
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  • Releasedatum 23.01.2014
Hacker Evolution Duality: Hardcore Package Part 2 (PC)

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Ready for some more hardcore action in Hacker Evolution Duality?

The Hardcore Package 2 DLC for Hacker Evolution Duality brings you 2 new levels designed for gamers who like a challenge that is harder than the original game.
Ingeniously designed and taking advantage of the new game features introduced with the recent updates (such as more console commands) these levels are guaranteed
to push your skills to the limit.

Once again, you take on the Xenti Corporation and try to hack into their high security compound to gain access to their mainframe.
One of the levels requires complex tactics while the second one is goes to the other extreme and requires fast and accurate skills.

It's far from being easy and you will have to use tactics never before used in the game to achieve your objectives.
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