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Fantasy Grounds - Savage Worlds: ETU - East Texas University (PC)

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Savage Worlds Setting and Extension for Fantasy Grounds

Study. Party. Save the World.

East Texas University promises prestigious leadership, connected alumnae, the fantastic Southern climate of Pinebox, Texas…and annoying roommates, professors that try to kill you (literally), and things that go bump in the night. Enroll at your own risk.

East Texas University offers a well-rounded syllabus of character creation, new Edges & Hindrances, gear, Setting Rules, and tours of campus and nearby Pinebox, Texas. For advanced credit, read the section on rituals and talismans. Finally, the Adventure Generator and encyclopedia of miscreants is sure to light a creative spark in even the most humorless campus parking enforcement officer. There are generator mechanics for parties and adventures as well as Ritual failure and a little thing we like to call “High Strangeness.”

Can you survive four years of college?

East Texas University requires the Savage Worlds core rules to play.

Inside this product you will find:

  • A custom theme (extension) that changes the look and feel of the Savage Worlds ruleset
  • The Dean's List Library module for GMs
  • The ETU Player's Guide Library module full of Edges, Hindrances, and other character and setting background info
  • A portrait pack for use by players and GMs
  • Archetypes for several common player types
  • Edges, Hindrances, NPCs, maps, vehicles and images entered for drag and drop convenience

Requires: A Full or Ultimate license of Fantasy Grounds and the Savage Worlds ruleset.

This product is an installable module for use with the Fantasy Ground virtual tabletop. The library module has been carefully organized to streamline gameplay and includes library sections to help a GM prepare an adventure setting or to quickly look up details on how to conduct encounters.

Fantasy Grounds Conversion: Ian Ward and Eric Lamoureux
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