Official Fantasy Grounds - Gaming Tokens & Portraits Pack #3: PC's & NPCs (PC)

Fantasy Grounds - Gaming Tokens & Portraits Pack #3: PC's & NPCs (PC)

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This product contains over 450 tokens in a base 70mm format (for Medium-sized), and over 150 portraits, all converted and optimized for online gaming with software like Fantasy Ground. Produced by artist Claudio Pozas and Fiery Dragon Productions, these tokens are framed in a fiery border and can be resized for different map scales and/or software. The tokens are sorted and scaled into different size categories, and are convered to PNG files for optimal online use.

This product will automatically download and install from Steam or when purchasing from the store when linked to your forum account. To link your account, go to Settings and enter your FG forum username and password. You will automatically received updates.

To activate tokens, you must active the PC & NPC Token Pack module from your module activation screen. Portraits will show up as a new portrait bag or directly in the root folder for your portraits for older rulesets.

List of Tokens and Portraits


Female/Dwarf female
Female/dwarf female h armor 01
Female/dwarf female l armor 01
Female/dwarf female rogue
Female/dwarf female unarmored 01
Female/dwarf female warrior
Female/dwarf female warriorwizard
Female/dwarf female wizard
Male/dwarf deep male
Male/dwarf derro male
Male/dwarf duergar
Male/Dwarf male
Male/dwarf male h armor 01
Male/dwarf male h armor 02
Male/dwarf male h armor 03
Male/dwarf male l armor 01
Male/dwarf male rogue
Male/dwarf male unarmored 01
Male/dwarf male warrior
Male/dwarf male warriorwizard
Male/dwarf male wizard


Female/elf drow elite female
Female/elf drow female
Female/elf drow female 02
Female/elf drow female warrior
Female/elf drow guard female
Female/elf drow priestess
Female/elf drow sorceress
Female/elf drow young priestess
Female/Elf female
Female/Elf female 02
Female/elf female h armor 01
Female/elf female h armor 02
Female/elf female l armor 01
Female/elf female l armor 02
Female/elf female rogue
Female/elf female unarmored 01
Female/elf female unarmored 02
Female/elf female warrior
Female/elf female warriorwizard
Female/elf female wizard
Male/elf aquatic male
Male/elf drow diplomat
Male/elf drow elite male
Male/elf drow guard male
Male/elf drow male
Male/elf drow male warrior 02
Male/elf drow outcast
Male/elf drow ranger
Male/elf drow sorcerer
Male/elf drow stylish wizard
Male/elf drow warrior 01
Male/elf gray male
Male/Elf male
Male/elf male h armor 01
Male/elf male h armor 02
Male/elf male h armor 03
Male/elf male h armor 04
Male/elf male l armor 01
Male/elf male l armor 02
Male/elf male rogue
Male/elf male unarmored 01
Male/elf male unarmored 02
Male/elf male warrior
Male/elf male warriorwizard
Male/elf male wizard
Male/elf wild male
Male/elf wood male


Female/gnome female
Female/gnome female h armor 01
Female/gnome female l armor 01
Male/gnome forest male
Male/gnome male
Male/gnome male h armor 01
Male/gnome male l armor 01
Male/gnome male l armor 02
Male/gnome male unarmored
Male/gnome svirfneblin male


Medium/bugbear chieftain
Medium/bugbear elite warrior
Medium/bugbear prophet
Medium/bugbear shaman
Medium/hobgoblin 02
Medium/hobgoblin battlemage
Medium/hobgoblin chaplain
Medium/hobgoblin general
Medium/hobgoblin legionnaire 01
Medium/hobgoblin legionnaire 02
Medium/hobgoblin lieutenant
Medium/hobgoblin sergeant
Small/Goblin Adept
Small/Goblin Blue Advisor 01
Small/Goblin Blue Advisor 02
Small/Goblin Bodyguard
Small/Goblin Cleric
Small/Goblin Prince
Small/Goblin Red
Small/Goblin Rogue
Small/Goblin Worg Rider
Small/goblin Yellow

Half Elves
Female/halfelf female
Female/halfelf female h armor 01
Female/halfelf female l armor 01
Female/halfelf female unarmored 00
Male/halfelf male
Male/halfelf male l armor 01

Half Orcs

Female/halforc female
Female/halforc female l armor 01
Female/halforc female l armor 02
Male/halforc male
Male/halforc male h armor 01
Male/halforc male l armor 01
Male/halforc male unarmored 01


Female/halfling female
Female/halfling female 02
Female/halfling female l armor 01
Female/halfling female rogue
Female/halfling female warrior
Female/halfling female warriorwiza
Female/halfling female wizard
Female/halfling thief female 01
Male/halfling deep male
Male/halfling male
Male/halfling male 02
Male/halfling male h armor 01
Male/halfling male l armor 01
Male/halfling male rogue
Male/halfling male unarmored 01
Male/halfling male warrior
Male/halfling male warriorwizard
Male/halfling male wizard
Male/halfling tallfellow male


Clerics/Female/human fem cleric
Clerics/Female/Human Female Cleric
Clerics/Female/oracle delphi medium
Clerics/Male/human cleric male
Clerics/Male/Human Head Priest
Clerics/Male/Human Male Battle Priest
Clerics/Male/Human Male Cleric
Cult/Female/Human Female Cultist
Cult/Female/Human Female Initiates
Cult/Male/Human Cult Monk
Cult/Male/Human Cult Priest
Cult/Male/Human Male Cultist
Cult/Male/Human Male Initiate
Fighters Palidans/Female/human female h armor 01
Fighters Palidans/Female/human female h armor 02
Fighters Palidans/Female/human female h armor 03
Fighters Palidans/Female/human female h armor 04
Fighters Palidans/Female/human female h armor 05
Fighters Palidans/Female/human knight commander
Fighters Palidans/Male/Human Blackguard
Fighters Palidans/Male/human knight 01
Fighters Palidans/Male/human knight 02
Fighters Palidans/Male/human knight 03
Fighters Palidans/Male/human knight 04
Fighters Palidans/Male/human knight leader
Fighters Palidans/Male/Human Male Barbarian
Fighters Palidans/Male/human male h armor 01
Fighters Palidans/Male/human male h armor 02
Fighters Palidans/Male/human male h armor 03
Fighters Palidans/Male/human male h armor 04
Fighters Palidans/Male/human male h armor 05
Fighters Palidans/Male/human male h armor 06
Fighters Palidans/Male/human male h armor 07
Fighters Palidans/Male/human male h armor 08
Fighters Palidans/Male/human male h armor 09
Fighters Palidans/Male/human male h armor 10
Fighters Palidans/Male/human male warriorwizard
Generic/Female/human female l armor 01
Generic/Female/human female l armor 02
Generic/Female/human female l armor 03
Generic/Female/human female l armor 04
Generic/Female/human female unarmored 01
Generic/Female/human female unarmored 02
Generic/Female/human female unarmored 03
Generic/Female/human female unarmored 04
Generic/Female/human female unarmored 05
Generic/Male/human male archer 01
Generic/Male/human male archer 02
Generic/Male/human male crossbowman
Generic/Male/human male l armor 01
Generic/Male/human male l armor 02
Generic/Male/human male l armor 03
Generic/Male/human male l armor 04
Generic/Male/human male l armor 05
Generic/Male/human male l armor 06
Generic/Male/human male l armor 07
Generic/Male/human male unarmored 01
Generic/Male/human male unarmored 02
Generic/Male/human male unarmored 03
Generic/Male/human male unarmored 04
Generic/Male/human male unarmored 05
Generic/Male/human male unarmored 06
Greek/Female/barbarian greek female 01
Greek/Female/fighter greek female 01
Greek/Female/fighter greek female 02
Greek/Female/hellenic sorceress 01
Greek/Female/hellenic sorceress 02
Greek/Female/rogue greek female 01
Greek/Male/aristocrat greek male 01
Greek/Male/barbarian greek male 01
Greek/Male/boar tooth soldier medium
Greek/Male/false oracle guard medium
Greek/Male/fighter greek male 01
Greek/Male/fighter greek male 02
Greek/Male/fighter greek male 03
Greek/Male/fighter greek male 04
Greek/Male/fighter greek male 05
Greek/Male/fighter greek male 06
Greek/Male/greek noble medium
Greek/Male/greek officer medium
Greek/Male/greek soldier medium
Greek/Male/rogue greek male 01
Greek/Male/rogue greek male 02
NPC Classes/Aristocrat/Male/human male diplomat
NPC Classes/Commoner/Female/human commoner female
NPC Classes/Commoner/Female/human streetwalker
NPC Classes/Commoner/Male/human commoner male
NPC Classes/Commoner/Male/human cutthroat 01
NPC Classes/Commoner/Male/human cutthroat 02
NPC Classes/Commoner/Male/human male Mervin
NPC Classes/Warrior/Female/human fem warrior
NPC Classes/Warrior/Female/human female warrior
NPC Classes/Warrior/Male/human city watch 01
NPC Classes/Warrior/Male/human city watch 02
Rogue/Female/human fem rogue
Rogue/Female/human female rogue
Rogue/Male/human male assassin
Rogue/Male/human male rogue
Rogue/Male/Human Male Rogue 02
Rogue/Male/human male rogue 03
Rogue/Male/human male rogue 04
Wizard/Female/human fem wizard
Wizard/Female/Human Female Necromancer
Wizard/Female/human female warriorwizard
Wizard/Female/human female wizard
Wizard/Male/human male wizard
Wizard/Male/human male wizard 02

Monstrous Humanoids

Huge/russet diver huge
Large/Lycanthrope/lycanthrope werebear
Large/Lycanthrope/lycanthrope wereboar dire
Large/Lycanthrope/lycanthrope weretiger
Large/Lycanthrope/lycanthrope werewolf
Large/olivid large
Large/spindleshank large
Medium/arageld medium
Medium/daurzam medium
Medium/faust medium
Medium/frog man
Medium/igran krider medium
Medium/kulkum medium
Medium/Lycanthrope/lycanthrope wereboar
Medium/Lycanthrope/lycanthrope wererat
Medium/Lycanthrope/lycanthrope werewolf 02
Medium/mabrawn medium
Medium/makesh medium
Medium/nightling medium
Medium/Orc/orc acolyte
Medium/Orc/Orc Archer
Medium/Orc/Orc Chieftan
Medium/Orc/Orc Cleric
Medium/Orc/Orc Commander
Medium/Orc/Orc Elite Warrior
Medium/Orc/Orc Female Warrior
Medium/Orc/Orc Field Leader
Medium/Orc/Orc Scout
Medium/Orc/Orc Sorcerer
Medium/Orc/Orc Warrior
Medium/orcam medium
Medium/quisloi medium
Medium/skresh medium
Medium/triton RGB
Small/arachnopygmy small
Small/cloud walker small
Small/huggermugger small
Small/Kobold/kobold drakeknight
Small/Kobold/kobold emissary
Small/Kobold/kobold shadowfang
Small/norughk small
Small/nymorryx small

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