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Fantasy Grounds - 3.5E/PFRPG 1 on 1 Adventure #2 (PC)

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The Star of Olinder

One on One Adventures #2

Welcome to 1 on 1 Adventures, action-packed scenarios designed for 1 player and 1 GM.

This module includes 20 adventure-packed pages, complete with detailed maps and descriptions, forming a ready-made adventure for the smallest gaming group. Although it is designed for a Rogue level 6-8, with some minor scaling, The Star of Olindor is suitable for use with a traditional four-player party.

A terrible plague has swept through the city of Cairdus, and despite the local clergy’s best efforts, they have been unable to control the spread of the disease. Even those who seem cured often contract the disease again. The only thing that is making any headway are the special blessings given by the powerful Baron Velstaf, but he only grants these blessings for a price that few can afford.

If you enjoy this module, look for future releases in the 1 on 1 Adventures line from Expeditious Retreat Press. Also look for the follow-up adventures 1 on 1 Adventures #6: Shroud of Olindor and 1 on 1 Adventures #10: Vengeance of Olindor.

This product is an installable module for use with the Fantasy Ground II virtual tabletop. The adventure module has been carefully organized to streamline gameplay and includes, story elements, personalities, items, vehicles (if necessary) and images. These can be modified within your Fantasy Grounds campaign as needed.

Author: Matthew J. Hanson

Fantasy Grounds II Conversion: Doug Davison

Requirements: A Full or Ultimate license of Fantasy Grounds and the included 3.5E (or compatible) ruleset. The included PFRPG ruleset will also work but will require some slight adjustments to calculate CMB, CMD and slight changes to skills.
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