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Dragon Nest Europe - Argenta Package (PC)

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  • Releasedatum 21.05.2014
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Argenta Package

The ultimate set to make over your Dragon Nest Europe account with a whole bunch of sleek and luxurious items to enhance your game experience! Grab your Cute Katty Pet to tag along with you while your 50% EXP bonus Dragoner’s Book is active. Equipped with a fashionable hat and a fencing sword the Katty will bravely face the danger and loot all drops right into your brand-new 30 slot Adventurer’s Bag packed with 90 Resurrection Scrolls! With the 30 slot Storage Expansion, you can make sure to have enough space to store your loot away. Naturally, you will look just so much more formidable with the never before available via sale Full Metal Academic Wings on your back, boosting you through the realm!

Argenta Package includes:
Cute Katty Pet (Physical, 30 days)
Cute Katty Pet (Magical, 30 days)
Pet Accessory: Chic Kitty Hat
Pet Accessory: Chic Kitty Fencing Sword
Adventurer's Bag (30 slots)
Storage Expansion (30-slot)
[GM] Dragoner's Experience Book (50%)
Full Metal Academic Wings
Scroll of Life (90+90)

Note: The package will be sent to your Server Storage. Click on the little “!” icon on top of your skill bar to open it.
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