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DC Universe Online - Sons of Trigon (PC)

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Challenge the ultimate demonic force and explore the nightmare of Trigon’s hellish alternate Gotham City! Devastate enemies or heal allies with the new Celestial Power as you battle through three new Duos, a new Alert and daily solo missions.

Key Features

  • Celestial Powers: Wield the power of the heavens with the new Celestial Powers. Celestial features two trees: the dark Blessed and the light Cursed. The key to effective play is to achieve equilibrium through spiritual balance combos. Discover a new approach to healing that boosts your healing ability based on your damage output.
  • Gotham Wastelands: This new shared space is a fractured wasteland separated into five districts, each warped and displaced by Trigon’s hellish influence: The Mausoleum, The Cathedral, Amusement Mile, Knightsdome, Villain Stronghold, and Hero Garrison. Players with a Combat Rating of 84 or higher are granted the “The Sons of Trigon” mission to enter Gotham Wastelands. Once there, pick up missions and take a tour of the Gotham Wastelands!
  • New Duos: Battle through three new Tier 5 Duos located in the Gotham Wastelands – Tunnel of Lust, Ruined Cathedral and Knightsdome Arena. Combat rating: 86
  • New Alert: Join Wonder Woman and Circe in a battle with the monstrous Trigon himself in this new Tier 5 Alert. Combat Rating: 86
  • New Legends PvP Characters: Donna Troy and Cheetah make their debut in Legends PvP! Cheetah arrives as the first speedster to DC Universe Online’s Legends roster!
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