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DC Universe Online: Origin Crisis (PC)

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Wage war through time and alternate realities with Future Batman or Future Lex Luthor across two Raids, two Hero Operations, two Villain Operations and the new solo Iconic Anomaly Challenges. Devastate enemies and manipulate time and space with the new controller Power, Quantum!

Key Features

  • Quantum Powers – A new Controller power, Quantum allows you to alter Space and Time to damage, stun and incapacitate your enemies. Quantum Power wielders have other tricks up their sleeves, such as Quantum Tunneling, allowing your character to quickly phase a short distance away.
  • New Raids – Brand new missions for eight-player groups, the Nexus of Reality Raid and Paradox Wave Raid represent the toughest group challenges yet. Help the Council of Batman or the Council of Lex Luthor alter reality, and defeat the unstoppable Paradox Tyrant to save our own reality.
  • New Operations – New missions for four-player groups, players will travel to alternate realities and through to the past in order to alter the fates of powerful Heroes. Will you help alter the lives of Batman and Superman for good, or evil?
  • New Solo Challenges – In these new Iconic Anomaly simulations, play as either The Huntress or Bizarro in challenging solo missions. As Bizarro, fight your way out of the LexCorp labs where you were cloned. As The Huntress, take on dangerous mobsters to find out valuable information about your family.
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