B-17 Flying Fortress The Mighty 8th (PC)

B-17 Flying Fortress The Mighty 8th (PC)

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Feel the power of really flying a B-17! See what it was like to be part of the 10-man crew on dangerous bombing missions over occupied Europe. Outstanding graphics, animations, and sounds realistically recreate every aspect of the strategic air war in WWII.

Fly a variety of aircraft from the legendary B-17 to the rugged escort fighters - you can even fight "The Mighty Eight" in the role of a German Luftwaffe pilot!

Take to the skies in any one of ten B-17 Flying fortress crew positions:

Pilot, Co-Pilot, Navigator, Bombadier/Chin Turret Gunner, Radio Operator, Engineer/Top Turret Gunner, Port Waist Gunner, Starboard Waist Gunner, Ball Gunner and Tail Gunner!

Strap yourself in, fire up the engines and get ready for high-flying adventure!


  • All aircraft are beautifully rendered and astoundingly real

  • Fly highly detailed flight models of the American B-17G bomber, P-38 Lightning, P-51 Mustang, P-47 Thunderbolt and the German Bf 109, Fw 190 and ME 262 fighters

  • Take to the skies in "Quick Start" missions with available Instant Action mode

  • Carry out a realistic 25-mission tour of duty based on historically accurate scenarios and targets

  • Plan real missions, select authentic flying formations and manage both crews and bombers

  • Experience breathtaking air combat sequences using a myriad of special views

  • Take total control: Take-off and land massive bombers, shoot from various crew positions, navigate across a realistically mapped Europe, operate the radio, line up the bomb run, release the bombs and bail out if necessary

  • Assess you crew's strengths and skills to effectively re-position member to cope with wounded aircrew



  • Betriebssystem: Windows XP / Vista / 7

  • Prozessor: 1.0 GHz Processor

  • Arbeitsspeicher: 512 MB RAM

  • Grafikkarte: 100% DirectX compatible graphics

  • DirectX: Version 6.0

  • Festplatte: 600 MB frei

  • Soundkarte: 100% DirectX kompatible card or onboard sound


  • Betriebssystem: Windows 7

  • Prozessor: 1.5 GHz Processor

  • Arbeitsspeicher: 1 GB RAM

  • DirectX: Version 9.0c

  • Festplatte: 600 MB frei

  • Soundkarte: 100% DirectX kompatible or onboard sound

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