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AGFPRO Fantasy Side-Scroller Player (PC)

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  • Releasedatum 02.05.2014
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AGFPRO’s Fantasy Side Scroller Player is a new DLC for Axis Game Factory’s AGFPRO and PREMIUM that allows users the ability to build their own 3D games from a retro side-scroller perspective, allowing users to BUILD, PLAY and SHARE their own custom creations with other AGF users!!!

Using AGFPRO to effortlessly create maps, users will then be able to place features from the Fantasy Side-Scroller Player to customize their own unique side-scrolling games.

Features Include:
  • Player Start Locations
  • Player Exit Locations
  • Enemy Placement
  • Player Power-Ups – Super Speed, Super Jump, Invincibility, etc.
  • Player Pick-Ups
  • Hack’n Slash Game Play
  • Game Play Mechanics
  • Two unique Player Characters include – Knight and Wizard (next update will include Sorceress and Monk)
  • Custom animations set for all Player and Enemy Characters
  • Each Player Character includes unique abilities
  • Assets programmed with Game Play Mechanics – Coins, breakable & exploding barrels and treasure chests
  • Scene-Linking – Players are able to connect maps with start and exit points for endless gameplay connecting as many maps as you'd like!!
  • Enemy Scalability – choose from nine (9) different enemy Orc's - you can set the scale of the enemy characters!
  • Custom GUI
  • Sound and Sound Effects

Get ready for some serious fun and immediate satisfaction creating your own side-scrolling maps to play AND share with your friends!!

This is a DLC product and you must first purchase AGFPRO in order to utilize.

Additional characters and features will be released in future DLC packs!

The side scroller assets and player are locked to AGF and cannot be used in Unity. They are deisigned only to used with Axis Game Factory and the Fantasy Side-Scoller Player!

Please note that the Fantasy Side-Scroller Player does not import into Unity and can only be played on the AGFPRO software platform
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