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A City Sleeps - Soundtrack (PC)

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  • Releasedatum 16.10.2014
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A City Sleeps' soundtrack features an original experimental electro hip hop score by M-Cue, who also serves as one of the game's level designers. If you enjoyed the songs you heard in-game, but wished you could chill out and listen to them without thousands of bugs, bullets, and bosses trying to kill you, you'll want to buy this soundtrack!

Album includes 8 original tracks from A City Sleeps' score in both MP3 as well as lossless FLAC format.

1. Entomophobia (City Like Hell)
2. Tethered
3. Empress
4. Resulting Bashment
5. Poe's Place
6. No More Credits
7. A City Sleeps
8. Tricycle

Once you've downloaded the Soundtrack you'll be able to find the files in the "OST" folder within the "A City Sleeps" folder in your Steam directory. The quickest and easiest way to listen is to simply load up the Steam Music Player (in Steam, choose View -> Music Details).


All songs by M-Cue - http://m-cue.bandcamp.com/
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